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Wednesday, 27 February 2013 14:52

Sindos - Industrial Building


The industrial metallic building was built in 2005 in a plot of 1.500 sq.m. in order to serve as a laboratories and offices for the company ADOLAB S.A.


The building with an area of 1.000 sq.m. in total and possible extension of 200 sq.m. has been formulated in three levels as follows.


400 sq.m. in the ground floor operating as laboratory and administration office.


200 sq.m. in the mezzanine floor operating as main offices.


400 sq.m. in the first floor operating as storage.


The building was bought by PLANITAS S.A. in 2016.


Presently the building is operating under rent and it is for sale with the advantage provision of the law that gives the opportunity to avoid the payment of the transfer taxes.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011 13:17

Skopelos - Luxury Villas


In 2005 PLANITAS S.A. bought a piece of land of 2000 sq.m. in the island of Skopelos with the purpose to develop complete furnished villas licensed by the Greek Organization of Tourism (EOT). The complete project consists of four independent villas three of which include a private pool.




The three villas are about 250 sq.m. each with their own surrounding area, parking and are consisted of the ground and upper floor while there is an ample space of about 100 sq.m. in the basement offered for entertainment and gymnastic purposes.


Each of these three villas is surrounded by rocky walls, garden and their own pools at a land plot of approximately 600 sq.m.


In the same lot a fourth villa was constructed with a nice yard and green environment without a swimming pool.

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