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The company PLANITAS S.A. was established in 2002 as a multidisciplinary company for investment and development in the real estate sector by George and Helen Kolliopoulos.


The founders and shareholders originally in 2002 invested in a multi storey office building of 800 sq.m. located in 7 Solomou street in Chalandri occupying, in the beginning, the 50% of the asset while the other 50% was occupied by the large engineering firm ADO S.A. also founded by George Kolliopoulos in 1989.


Gradually in 2004 PLANITAS S.A. bought the other 50% part from ADO S.A. and today owns 100% of the building which has been integrated and rectified as a unique modern office building sheltering the headquarters of both ADO S.A. and PLANITAS S.A. along with 4 other companies that rent areas of the building.


Using the experience of PLANITAS S.A. in investment and the engineers of ADO S.A. the two companies proceeded in coordinated manner and rehabilitated a monumental building of 1000 sq.m. which today is fully operated in the center of Athens in the corner of Drosopoulou and Kefalinias streets in Kypseli. The administration of the building is in the hands of PLANITAS S.A. and it is available for sale.


In 2005 PLANITAS S.A. bought a piece of land of 2000 sq.m. in the island of Skopelos with the purpose to develop complete furnished villas licensed by the Greek Organization of Tourism (EOT). The complete project consists of four independent villas three of which shall include its private pool.


PLANITAS S.A. manages the capitalization (renting) of the 4 villas since 2014.


Since 2005 an affiliate company of PLANITAS S.A. has been operational in Romania with the name PLANITAS ROM and has constructed a multi storey building of 4000 sq.m in the center of Bucharest consisted of commercial spaces, office spaces and apartments.

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Planitas SA

Property Development and Construction

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